CHICKEN FILLED IN THE OVEN, recipe step by step

If the baked chicken is already a wonderful recipe, strong and everyone likes it, the stuffed chicken is all that and more, and I mean more in the form of stuffing 😛

Nothing better than a juicy stuffed chicken, with golden skin on the outside and juicy flesh inside. But the best part comes even further, when the juicy part of the meat is finished and the filling begins. It's like finding a treasure.

The point of that surprise is that everyone does it differently, so today we will make a very delicious simple preparation and then we will review other variations.

Easy stuffed chicken recipe

The necessary starting point for this recipe is a boneless chicken. If you can get it directly with the butcher or vendor, they will have a much easier life. If that is not the case, at the end of this note you will find a video to learn how to debone the chicken.

The idea is to leave a chicken without bones but with the shape. Let's say that when you fill it, the stew will take the place of the bones.

chicken stuffed in the oven

chicken stuffed in the oven
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Stuffed chicken, homemade recipe

Cooking recipe for a chicken stuffed with a mixture of minced meat, fruits and spices, which can even Prepare for Christmas, instead of a turkey.Then we will chop them into very thin pieces. Reserve.
  • We will also chop the bacon into small pieces, just like the boiled hard-boiled egg . Reserve.
  • In a large bowl, let's season the ground meat, add a pinch of nutmeg, the cooked hard boiled eggs and a teaspoon of oregano coffee powder. We are going to stir everything very well and we are going to reserve them momentarily.
  • Then we will make a stir-fry with a little oil (very little, because then we'll have the bacon fat), garlic and onion, over medium heat, being careful not to start turning the ingredients brown (especially garlic)./div>
  • After about five minutes, we'll add the bacon bits and cook them for a couple more minutes.
  • Then we will add the ground beef we had previously prepared.
  • Let's mix it with the ingredients of the sofrito, and add the dried apricots and raisins, if we have decided to use them.
  • We mix everything well and add the wine too. Cover the pan or pan and let it cook for about 20 minutes, returning frequently to remove the stew.
  • Once the stew is ready, we will use it to preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  • While the oven warms up, let's fill the chicken (clean and without feather remains), taking care that it stays well-armed. It is advisable to sew the chicken at the end or close it with chopsticks, to be able to bake it without risk of losing the stew. In fact, this will depend on the cut, because there are ways to debone the chicken without having to stitch it afterwards.
  • To put the chicken in the oven, you have to fit it in a glass Pyrex or equivalent. You have to grease the outside of the chicken with oil, or with pieces of butter that will melt with the heat (I prefer the second option, because from my point of view, it gives more pleasure to the dish).
  • We will let the chicken bake between 60 and 80 minutes, contemplating more or less time according to its weight.Surfing the Internet, I found other nice recipes that I want to share with you. These are chickens stuffed with very specific ingredients.
    • Chicken stuffed with spinach : this recipe looks excellent, and not only contains spinach, but also mushrooms. Recipe here.
    • Chicken stuffed with tomato : recipes with tomatoes are always delicious, and this chicken can not be the exception. In addition, the stuffing contains basil and mozzarella, and with that alone I already want to start preparing it. Here's the recipe.
    • Chicken stuffed with plums : the title of this recipe sounds fabulous, and I suspect the result will be too. Recipe here.
    • Chicken stuffed with vegetables : there's no way this is a vegetarian recipe, so this is the closest thing we can offer to vegetable lovers. Recipe here.

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