Chicken paella recipe, step by step

This recipe for chicken paella is, effectively, a paella that uses as a unique ingredient of animal origin the delicious, soft, tasty and (for me) addictive chicken meat.

Not only it is a variant or version of the paella, with its particular flavor, but also, it is an alternative to seafood paellas for allergy sufferers, or for those intolerant to other meats present in other types of this dish.

With this recipe for chicken paella we are going to complete our paella library, where we also have a seafood paella, Valencian paella and an easy and delicious mixed paella.

Well, to cook.

How to make chicken paella

One of the most important ingredients to prepare chicken paella is rice. In this link you can read which are the best rices for each type of dish, and why the senia or pump is the most suitable to prepare paellas.

With regard to chicken, I recommend using thighs and thighs. It also works chopped breast in pieces, especially for children.

chicken paella

chicken paella
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Chicken paella recipe

We will explain step by step how to make the preparation perfect for you. Are you ready for an unforgettable chicken paella?We remove the branch, seeds and white interior parts, and cut them into thirds or quarters.
  • Peel the onion and garlic cloves. Chop the first in small cubes. The same for garlic, or if we have to crush them, even better.
  • You also have to wash the tomatoes, and then finely chop them. Some people prefer to grate them.
  • You have to make sure that the pieces of chicken are in perfect conditions to cook them, that is, clean and without skin.
  • Let's season with salt to taste the chicken pieces.
  • Now, to start the cooking, we need a good paella There we are going to pour a stream of olive oil and heat it over medium heat.
  • To start with the fried foods, add the pieces of pepper. Fry on both sides, paying special attention to the skin is very cooked, even slightly blackened.
  • Once we remove the pieces of pepper from the paellera (and let them cool a little, so as not to burn us), we will remove the skin, which should come off very easily. Then we will cut them into strips and reserve them.
  • Now, to fry the spiced chicken , on both sides, to have a uniformly golden surface.
  • Cooked , the chicken moves towards the edge of the paellera.
  • In the center of this, we fry the onion and the garlic, until the first one begins to turn transparent.
  • At that point, the tomato is added. It moves and cooks until it forms a paste.
  • The rice is incorporated to fry it very lightly, and then move the chicken thighs back to the center of the paella pan, to mix them with the other ingredients.
  • Saffron or its equivalent and chicken broth are added to this mixture.
  • Sweet peppers and rosemary are also added. You have to move everything so that the spices are incorporated well.
  • The idea is that the liquid starts to boil. If necessary, raise the fire a little higher. Once the boiling point is reached, the peas and the pieces of pepper that were already cooked are added.
  • Move the contents of the paellera again so that the added ingredients are distributed evenly, paying attention that the rice does not stick. The idea is that the boil is uniform throughout the surface of the container.
  • Move frequently.In principle they have to spend 20 minutes for the paella to be ready. However, be sure to monitor and remove your preparation during this time, because the amount of minutes may vary a bit. This depends on many variables: the size of the ingredients, the type of kitchen, among others.
  • After turning off the cooking, let the dish rest for 5 or 10 minutes.
  • You can decorate with slices of lemon and some pieces of peppers reserved previously.
  • Season the paella with a splash of olive oil. Now, it's ready to serve.
  • Tips for a perfect homemade chicken paella

    • If they do not have saffron, the options to replace the food coloring are turmeric and curry. To be able to use them well in the preparation of chicken paella, you can read more information on this link: Turmeric and curry, good substitutes for food coloring, which also talks about the properties of both spices.
    • The more tomatoes are ripe, they will work better for this recipe. Obviously, we are talking about ripe but not overripe tomatoes.
    • If you want to be even more sure of your ratio between rice and liquid, normally what is used is double the triple of liquid that of rice. You can try passing the rice by glasses, to make sure that the liquid corresponds to double or triple the grains, according to the volume.

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