How to make crispy fried chicken step by step

I'll explain two ways to prepare fried chicken at home.

The first will be American style fried chicken, or Kentucky style fried chicken, like the one they cook on the KFC chain.


The second one will be fried chicken without flour.

How do you make fried American chicken?

The secret to fried chicken with that crunchy cover that everyone we love it, is that before frying it we go through a mixture of egg and milk, and then a mixture of bread and flour with spices. Let's see in detail the recipe for preparing the best fried chicken in the world.

 fried chicken
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Fried chicken, easy recipe

Learn to prepare a delicious fried chicken crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside step to He passed.To prepare it, you just have to put the pieces in a bowl with the juice of the squeezed lemon, pepper, salt and garlic powder.
  • It is necessary to pay attention that the pieces are impregnated with the marinade, in a more or less uniform way, so that they all take on flavor.
  • The container with the chicken in marinade will go to the refrigerator for two hours, ideally, or in cases with less time, at least 45 minutes./div>
  • We can use it to prepare the other ingredients. In a wide dish or bowl, we will mix the bread and flour with a touch of salt and pepper. So, let's leave the powder ready to cover the chicken pieces before frying.
  • In another bowl, let's make a mixture with the egg and milk. Here we will pass the chicken before putting it in the flour and bread powder.
  • Once the marinade has passed, the next will be frying the chicken. For this, we are going to use a pan to heat the oil. For this recipe, the amount of oil should be plentiful, so that the chicken and the cover cook well. In this case, the idea of ​​"getting light" does not apply, controlling the amount of oil. Let's heat the oil on high heat.
  • Chicken pieces should only be introduced in the oil once it is hot. Before putting them to fry, we will pass each piece through the egg and milk mixture, so that all its surface is well impregnated, and then through the plate with the flour mixture, so that it sticks to the wet surface of the chicken.
  • You have to rotate or flip the piece well when passing it through the flour, so that it sticks everywhere.
  • Now, a submerge in the hot oil each piece that has gone through the previous process. As the idea is not to burn, if the oil starts to jump, we can lower the fire slightly, but not so much that the oil stops being hot.
  • Make sure that the pieces do not stick together while they are fried. The best thing is to leave a space for them to cook well. It is also good not to put too many pieces in the pan at the same time, as this would lower the oil temperature.
  • You have to watch the pieces and rotate them so that all their faces are cooked. In fact, in principle, if you really have a good amount of oil in the pan, you almost will not have to move each piece of chicken, because hot oil will cover it everywhere.
  • Once each piece of chicken is well browned and cooked all over the surface, what should be removed and drained. I usually pass them to a plate covered with absorbent paper, to remove the excess fat before serving them.
  • You have to follow the process mentioned with each piece, until they are all cooked.What is certain is that to guarantee that each piece cooks well internally, normally we would be talking about a minimum of 10 minutes, which could go up to 15 or even a little more.

    There are people who let fry your pieces of chicken almost up to 30 minutes on low heat.

    Fried chicken: tips

    This is the part that I like the most: the secrets to improve the recipe of fried chicken. For me, the most important tips are summarized in a single sentence: put spices in the flour mixture. We had already talked about using pepper and salt for the mixture, and also using them in the chicken marinade, together with the garlic powder. Well, now comes the part that lovers of the species are going to have fun:

    • You can add half a teaspoon of paprika or pepper powder to the flour mixture. But you can replace this ingredient with spicy powder, if you like spicy.
    • The other spice you can use is ground cumin. If you use half a teaspoon in your flour mixture, it will give you a taste ... well, commended
    • I leave you more options for the half teaspoons: oregano, thyme, more garlic powder, curry or thyme. And then, if you like spicy flavors, use them all and you'll suck your fingers.
    • With regard to bread make sure that the bread is really grated to the point of looking like dust, or at least sand. Check this link if you want to see how to make the breadcrumbs right.

    If you have a fryer, take advantage of it! The fried chicken will be better than when it is done with skillet.

    How to make a fried chicken without flour?

    The answer to this question comes without a trap. That is, without bread crumbs. Let me explain: I'm going to talk about how to make fried chicken without flour and without bread crumbs. In other words, it will be truly without flour.

    In this case, then, it's time to leave the species only for the marinade. The rest of the recipe is basically the same, but without mixing egg or flour. That is, the marinated chicken will go straight to frying and that's it.

    Obviously, you'll save yourself a few ingredients, but your chicken will not be so crispy.

    With what? accompany the fried chicken?

    I recommend you accompany your pieces of crispy chicken with a delicious sauce, like our tartar sauce or our delicious sweet and sour sauce. You can also use our wonderful homemade bbq sauce.

    This chicken can be accompanied with chips or onion rings.

    Finally, I invite you to review the other recipes with chicken that we have in Comedera.Com.